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An accountant is a professional just like a banker or lawyer. He or she is a necessary member of the team to help your business or non-profit organization. We have specialized knowledge that you simply lack and it would take a long time of study and experience to gain it.

If you can develop a good relationship with us, like other professionals, we can help you run your business and may be able to prevent or solve a serious problem that could do a lot of harm to your organization.

We can help you,

  • Decide the best ownership structure for your business,
  • Design an accounting system,
  • Make sure taxes are paid and the right government forms are properly filled out and filed,
  • By advising you on deductions,
  • By keeping your personal finances apart from those of your business,
  • Avoid a tax audit or help with one if one takes place,
  • Decide whether to buy or lease an important asset, and,
  • Understand financial statements.

If you’re starting up a business we can help you,

  • With the financial analysis of your business plan,
  • With advice on the best accounting software,
  • With bank accounts, and,
  • Track expenses.

After your business is up and running we can help you,

  • Make sure you’re treating your workers (employees or independent contractors) properly for tax purposes,
  • Oversee your payroll,
  • Estimate tax payments,
  • Organize and file your taxes.

Once you’re at the point your organization is growing we can,

  • Provide insight about cash flow,
  • Help you with inventory management, pricing and financing,
  • Create financial forecasts and budgets, and,
  • Help you put a value on your business to attract investment or sell your business.
Hiring an accountant is more important than hiring a critical member of your staff. Without the right accountant you may miss a lot of important information, do things incorrectly and find yourself, potentially, in a lot of financial or tax trouble.

When you consider our services think about how much and the kinds of financial value we can add. Look at us as a potential business partner. Look at the skills and knowledge we have that can help support your business.

Give us a call and set up an appointment for a meeting. Ask us about,

  • Our experience in general and with your particular issues, and,
  • What we’ve done for prior, similar clients in the past and how we’ve helped them get where they want to go.

Also ask others in the community about us, just don’t take our word for it. Find out how we help those in the Willow Grove area by learning about the quality of our work, our personal service and reputation.